Parking Enquiries:

For general enquiries about parking at Royal Priors, the G24 customer service team are available to support, and can be reached at 0370 042 7215 (Monday to Friday, during office hours).

Car Park hours:

Monday to Saturday 7:00am – 7:00pm (All vehicles must vacate the car park by 7pm)

Sunday 10:00am – 6:00pm (All vehicles must vacate the car park by 6pm)


Car Parking Tariffs:

Monday to Saturday (including bank holidays):

2 hours £2.00

3 hours £3.00

3 hours £4.00

5 hours £5.00

All Day Parking £8.00


£1.50 all day


There are 5 payment machines across the mall. The machines can be found;

For our car park terms and conditions please click here.

Important Information

Who do I contact if I have queries about parking at Royal Priors?

G24 Ltd are our new parking management agents. Their customer service team are available to support with any customer enquiries and can be contacted at 0370 042 7215

What are ANPR systems?

ANPR (Automated Number Plate Recognition) systems use specially designed cameras to detect registration plates of vehicles entering and exiting car park facilities. The new systems are Pay on Exit, so please enjoy your visit with us and remember to pay before leaving the mall.

Blue Badge Holders

Parking at Royal Priors is free of charge for Blue Badge Holders. Please remember to take your badge with you to scan at the payment terminals on the mall – badges needn’t be displayed on your vehicle while shopping with us.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to pay upon entry?

No! The new systems offer customer Pay on Exit solutions, so please enjoy your visit with us and remember to pay before leaving the mall.

Where can I pay for parking?

We have introduced 5 new machines across the mall which can be used to make payments towards your visit to the mall. The machines can be found;

How do I pay for parking on the new machines?

The new payment terminals are easy to use. Prior to exiting the mall, customers must enter their full registration number (including alphabets and numerals) to pull up their vehicle information. The payment terminal will then guide customers on how to make their payment and.. that’s it!

What payment methods are accepted?

We are going CASHLESS! The following payment methods will be accepted on the new terminals only.

Can I get a receipt?

Of course! Customers will be prompted to enter their telephone numbers onto the system to receive an SMS receipt of their payment. Alternatively, customers can register to ClearPark to access their receipt history.

What if I don’t find my vehicle on the system?

In the unlikely event that the system cannot pull up your vehicle’s details, the system will direct customers to the “Honesty Payment” process to enter their estimated time of arrival. Please remember to enter your full registration number.

What happens if I stay in the centre after I’ve paid?

Customers can simply revisit one of the payment terminals to make additional payments towards their stay.

How long do I have to leave the parking after making my payment?

The new systems offer customers a 15-minute grace period from the time of payment to exit the parking facility at the centre.

What happens if I leave the mall earlier than what I’ve paid for?

As this is a Pay on Exit solution, customers will not have the ability to pay in excess of their stay.

What happens if I forget to pay before I exit? Is it possible to pay after I have left?

We recommend that our customers pay before exiting the centre; however, in the unlikely circumstance one forgets, payments can be made up to 48 hours of leaving the centre by visiting

Do I need to display my Blue Badge whilst in the centre?

No, Blue Badge holders needn’t display their badges whilst shopping at the centre. Please remember to keep your badge with you to scan at any of the payment terminals situated on the mall before exiting.

What is the process if I’m a Blue Badge Holder?

Blue Badge Holders can visit any of the payment kiosks and scan the bar code highlighted on their badge.

Do I need to pay if I’m on a motorcycle?

Yes, charges are applicable for motor vehicles.

Can I get a permit? If so, what is the process?

We don’t currently offer permits; however, this is something we will revisit at a later stage.

What is a PCN (Parking Charge Notice)?

Parking Charge Notices result following an infringement of the Terms & Conditions outlined in privately owned car parks. In this instance, the parking is operated by G24 Ltd.

When are PCNs issued?

Parking Charge Notices will be issued 4 days following the parking event.

How will I receive a PCN?

Parking Charge Notices will be issued to individuals through mail.

What is the process of appealing a PCN once received?

The appeal process is described on the rear of the Parking Charge, motorists may appeal through web or post.

How long do I have to pay the PCN once the first notice is received?

Motorists will be offered a reduced amount (£60.00) if payment is made within 14 days of receipt of the notice, after which, the amount will return to £100. If the payment is still not made a further 16 days, motorists may incur additional charges.

Who do I contact if I have queries about the PCN?

Contact details for PCN enquiries can be found on the reverse side of individual notices.